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Scoop 50 Fifty Ice Cream Parlor Summerville SC


Specialty Items


  • Ice Cream Pints
    Ice Cream Pints $11.49 or 2/$21.00
  • Toppings
    Toppings $0.79 each
  • Canned Soda/Water
    Canned Soda/Water $2.00

The Flavors

New Flavors!

Those Fudgin' Potholes

WTFudge ice cream swirled with gooey marshmallow, Oreos, and bittersweet chocolate chunks

Kitty kitty bang bang

Cheesecake ice cream mixed with a sweet raspberry ripple, Oreo cookies and soft chocolate chunks

This is a full list of all flavors Scoop50 Fifty is able to offer. However, not all flavors are available at all times.

For the current list of available flavors, please visit or call the parlor.

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    Orange, lime and raspberry flavored sherbets classically swirled together

  • Raspberry Sorbet

    Dairy- free! A burst of natural raspberries in every bite!

  • NSA Cashew and Caramel

    Creamy, no-sugar-added vanilla ice cream rippled with gooey, sugar-free caramel and loaded with real cashews

  • NSA Strawberry Ripple

    Creamy, no-sugar-added vanilla ice cream swirled with sweet and tangy strawberry ribbons

  • Italian Ice Lemon

    Non-dairy, non-fat tart lemon Italian ice, for any hot mid-summer day.

  • Italian Ice Passion Fruit

    Tart and refreshing passion fruit juice blended with our signature Italian ice ~ VEGAN

  • WTFudge

    All-natural and award-winning chocolate ice cream made with three kinds of cocoa, for a rich fudge-brownie taste

  • Vanilla Bean

    Sweet, classic and all-natural ice cream made with cream, cane sugar, pure vanilla extracts and vanilla bean flecks

  • Turtle

    Vanilla ice cream with swirls of chocolate fudge, gooey caramel and lightly roasted and salted pecans

  • Superman

    Cherry, blue Moon and vanilla ice creams combine forces to bring you one super scoop!

  • Strawberry

    Fresh strawberry ice cream loaded to the brim with real, whole strawberries

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    Cheesecake ice cream swirled with a strawberry ripple and loads of gooey cheesecake pieces

  • Rocky Road

    Swirls of chocolate and marshmallow ice creams and topped off with chocolate-covered almonds

  • Sea Turtle

    Salted caramel ice cream with swirls of rich caramel.

  • Praline Pecan

    Maple ice cream topped with a gooey caramel ripple and loads of crunchy, candy-coated pecans

  • Matcha Green Tea

    A Zen-inspiring treat of sweet cream infused with green tea extracts

  • Munchie Madness

    Sweet cake batter ice cream swirled with a salted caramel ripple and brimming with Oreos, M&M pieces and peanut butter cups

  • 3AM Hustle

    Anything and everything you can want! Oreos, brownies, cookie dough, pecans, caramel and chocolate ripples all packed into vanilla ice cream

  • Cotton Candy

    Blue and pink cotton candy ice creams spun together for that whimsical carnival sensation!

  • Cookie Dough

    Cookie-flavored ice cream with soft chocolate chip cookie dough chunks and rich chocolate chips

  • Coconut Almond Bliss

    Tropical coconut-flavored ice cream with tons of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flakes and crispy almond pieces

  • Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

    Rich chocolate ice cream loaded with fudge brownies, chocolate raspberry truffles and a sweet raspberry ripple

  • Butter Pecan

    Buttery pecan ice cream with boat-loads of crispy, lightly roasted and salted pecans

  • Bourbon Pecan Pie

    Smooth bourbon ice cream swirled with a sea salt chocolate fudge ripple and roasted pecans

  • Blueberry cheesecake

    Cheesecake ice cream topped off with a tangy blueberry ripple and soft cheesecake chunks

  • Blue Moon

    Just like the milk in the bottom of a Fruit Loops bowl, this tasty ice cream has a sweet Fruit Loops taste

  • Birthday Cake

    Cake batter flavored ice cream, with real pieces of birthday cake, sprinkles and a blue icing ribbon

  • Banana Cream Pie

    Lush banana ice cream with vanilla wafer cookies and sweet whipped cream swirls

  • Peppermint Stick

    Peppermint ice cream made with peppermint candies and bursting with candy cane flavor

  • Cinnamon Streusel

    Brown sugar cinnamon ice cream with decadent cake pieces and candied pecans.

  • Black Cherry

    Simply sweet black cherry ice cream with boat-loads of whole black cherries

  • Blackberry Lemon Bar

    Fresh lemon ice cream folded with pound cake pieces and swirls of blackberry sauce

  • Brownie Cascade

    Chocolate ice cream exploding with brownie pieces, caramel cups and a sweet fudge ripple

  • Campfire S'Mores

    Graham cracker ice-cream with a marshmallow ripple & rich chocolate chips

  • Cookie Butter Crunch

    Cinnamon ice cream mixed with Biscoff cookies and delicious cookie butter.

  • Cherry Chocolate Chip

    Sweet vanilla ice cream loaded with big, red cherries and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips

  • Creamsicle

    Delicious orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream, swirled to make a classic favorite

  • Cricket's Key Lime Pie

    Tart lime ice cream, sour lime candies and graham cracker pieces

  • Iced Latte-Da

    Caffeinated espresso ice cream with fudge swirls and chocolate chunks

  • Kahlua Chip

    Sweet and creamy Kahlua ice cream mixed with real coffee, espresso and toffee chips

  • Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

    Cheesecake ice cream mixed with a sweet raspberry ripple, Oreo cookies and soft chocolate chunks

  • Mean Bean

    Bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream swirled with bittersweet chocolate chunks

  • Mint Avalanche

    Mint ice cream with Andes® Candies and Grasshopper® cookies spun off with a chocolate fudge swirl

  • Moose tracks

    Vanilla ice cream with mini chocolate peanut butter cups and swirls of chocolate fudge

  • Mudslide

    Chocolate ice cream with hints of coffee, a stream of chocolate mixed with brownie bites, chocolate flakes and pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Lightly flavored strawberry ice cream with peanut butter and strawberry swirls

  • Peanut Butter Pie

    Peanut butter ice cream with a graham cracker ribbon and chunks of chopped peanut butter cups

  • Pistachio nut

    Irresistible almond-flavored ice cream churned with crisp pistachio nuts

  • Pluff mud

    Sweet vanilla ice cream with a chocolate fudge ripple and chunks of rich chocolate fudge

  • Raspberry Lemon Italian Ice

    Non-dairy, non-fat sweet raspberry and tart lemon Italian ices swirled together for an irresistibly refreshing treat

  • Ripple Park Raspberry

    Black raspberry ice cream swirled with a sweet raspberry ripple and chocolate covered raspberry cups

  • Root beer Float

    Creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with crisp root beer Italian ice for a bold new twist on an old favorite

  • Salty Karen

    Salted caramel ice cream brimming with rich sea salt fudge and salted cashews

  • Southern peach

    Diced peaches submerged in peach ice cream

  • The king

    Sweet banana ice cream all shook up with a salty peanut butter ripple and rich chocolate chips

  • The Roundabout

    Peanut butter ice cream with salted caramel ripples, brownie chunks and crisp chocolate-covered pretzels

  • Toasted coconut

    Subtly sweet coconut ice cream packed with chocolate dusted coconut shreds

  • Ultimate Oreo

    Scrumptious Oreo crumb ice cream packed with boat-loads of whole Oreo cookies

  • White Chocolate Raspberry

    Sweet and creamy white chocolate ice cream with mini dark chocolate raspberry cups, mini white chocolate chips and a raspberry swirl

  • Black licorice

    If you love the flavor of black licorice this ice cream is for you

  • Ultimate Oreo Oat Milks

    Oreo crumb non-dairy frozen dessert packed with whole Oreos.

  • Blueberry

    Sweet and fresh blueberry ice cream with a crushed blueberry ripple

  • Cake Batter Fudge

    With a scrumptious cake batter base, thick chocolate frosting swirls and brownie chunks, this ice cream settles all arguments over the mixing spoon!

  • Cappuccino break

    Crisp coffee- infused ice cream churned with chocolate covered toffee and candy coated almonds

  • Caramel chaos

    Sweet caramel ice cream packed with chocolate- covered caramel cups and swirls of gooey caramel

  • Carrot Mango Italian Ice

    Non-dairy, non-fat and bursting with sweet, tangy flavor with real carrot (yes, we said carrot!) and fruit juices

  • Lowcountry cherry

    All natural ice cream with cherries loaded throughout

  • Malt Amore

    Old-style malted milk ice cream packed with rich, malt flavor, soft chocolate chips and ripples of sweet, chocolate fudge

  • Maple nut

    Heavenly sweet maple ice cream brimming with fresh, crunchy walnut

  • Mint chip

    Classic, fresh mint ice cream loaded with melt-in-your-mouth, rich chocolate flakes

  • PB Hearts Chocolate

    Creamy peanut butter ice cream swirled with a smooth chocolate ripple and kissed with peanut butter cups

  • Peach

    Fresh peach ice cream packed with real peaches to celebrate the warm spring weather, available for a limited time only

  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

    Vanilla ice cream loaded with soft cookie dough chunks, rich chocolate flakes, and a thick peanut butter ripple

  • Peanut Butter Cup

    Smooth chocolate ice cream brimming with mouthwatering peanut butter ripples and rich peanut butter cups

  • Rhubarb Crumble

    Sweet, cream cheese frosting ice cream, spun with a bright rhubarb jam and a buttery shortbread crumble

  • Stick and Stones

    Soft cookie dough chunks, crunchy chocolate covered pretzels, and a gooey salted caramel ripple all swirled into our rich chocolate ice cream

  • Toffee Chocolate Chip

    Our award-winning old fashioned vanilla ice cream loaded with Heath pieces and soft chocolate chips

  • Vanilla Custard

    Sweet, classic and all-natural custard made with Wisconsin cream, cane sugar, egg yolks and pure vanilla

  • Watermelon Italian Ice

    Refreshing watermelon Italian ice with a jolt of sour to leave you feeling electric

  • Zanzimint

    Zanzibar® chocolate ice cream swirled with crisp mint ice cream

  • Zurtle

    Zanzibar® Chocolate and caramel ice creams swirled together and loaded with salty, roasted pecans

  • Banana crunch

    Creamy banana ice cream with chocolate flakes and walnuts mixed in

  • Black raspberry

    Creamy, fruity and delicious black raspberry flavored ice cream

  • Nutty Buddy

    Salty peanut butter vegan oat cream spun with chocolate flakes.

  • Butterscotch Explosion

    Butterscotch flavored ice cream mixed with pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies, brownies, miniature peanut butter cups, and heath bits, swirled with salted caramel

  • Mint Oreo Oak

    Mint vegan oat cream spun with Oreos

  • Butterscotch Explosion

    Butterscotch flavored ice cream mixed with pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies, brownies, miniature peanut butter cups, and heath bits, swirled with salted caramel

  • Chocolate chip

    Delicious vanilla ice cream with flakes of chocolate

  • Chocolate fudge brownie

    Rich chocolate ice cream with a chocolate swirl and brownie bites

  • Chocolate peanut butter

    Rich chocolate ice cream with miniature peanut butter cups and a peanut butter swirl

  • Cinnamon

    Creamy vanilla ice cream incorporated with cinnamon

  • Coconut

    Creamy coconut flavored ice cream

  • Coffee bean

    Sweet and creamy coffee ice cream, made with real coffee

  • Cookie monster

    Blue vanilla ice cream with pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies and bites of cookie dough

  • Cookies & cream

    Delicious vanilla ice cream with pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies

  • Espresso chip

    Creamy espresso flavored ice cream, with chocolaty espresso flakes

  • Gator trail

    Creamy vanilla ice cream with miniature peanut butter cups, chocolate flakes, & a trail of chocolate

  • Hurricane Charley

    Delicious vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate covered peanuts, M&M’s, flakes of chocolate, miniature peanut butter cups, mini cocoa pretzels, and pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies

  • Lemon bar

    Refreshing lemon ice cream with pieces of real lemon bars

  • Maple walnut

    Sweet and creamy ice cream flavor with real maple syrup and mixed with pieces of walnuts

  • Mocha Almond Fudge

    Rich mocha ice cream swirled with fudge and packed with almonds

  • Orange blossom

    Orange flavored ice cream with a hint of vanilla, and made with real Florida orange juice

  • Orange pinneaple

    Creamy orange and pineapple ice cream swirled together to make this refreshing summer blend. Made with real orange and pineapple juice!

  • Pinneaple

    Tropical and fruity tasting ice cream made with real pineapple

  • Red Velvet Cake

    Creamy pink ice cream, with pieces of red velvet cake, chocolate flakes, and swirls of cream cheese frosting

  • Strawberries & cream

    Summery and sweet strawberry ice cream made with real strawberries

  • SuperHero

    Super sweet red & blue ice cream mixed with a yellow buttercream swirl

  • Tropical vanilla

    A unique flavor of vanilla that is hard to beat!

  • Vanilla

    The original, creamy and delicious

  • (NSA) Black Cherry

    Delicious black cherry flavored ice cream with pieces of black cherries

  • (NSA) Black Raspberry

    Fruity and delicious black raspberry flavored ice cream

  • (NSA) Chocolate

    Chocolate flavored ice cream

  • (NSA) Vanilla

    Vanilla flavored ice cream

  • Lemon

    A delectable dairy-free delight

  • Mango

    Refreshing and sweet mango sorbet

  • Watermelon

    Sweet and summery, watermelon sorbet

  • Coconut Mango

    A light and refreshing mango, non-dairy frozen. dessert

  • Chocolate DF

    A delicious, light and dreamy chocolate delight

  • Mocha Almond Chip

    A rich mocha dessert, swirled with chocolate and chocolate chips

  • Rainbow

    Orange, black raspberry, and key lime sherbets, swirled into a fruity sensation